Meaning of Partnership

“Partnership” is classified as a noun. It is a Person, Place, or Thing. It is something with an identity. It is defining. The first definition of partnership calls it “the state or condition of being a partner”. The second definition goes even further by defining partnership in legal terms. A “partnership” can be legally binding.

Partnership is not something to be taken lightly. It is a commitment. It is two or more people binding themselves towards a single vision. Much like a marriage, a partnership between an individual and a ministry requires work, communication, understanding and God as the foundation. Also like a marriage, it is a source of unparalleled joy and fruitfulness.

That is why we offer partnership with an attitude of reverence and excitement, for when you make the choice to partner with us here at Iran for Christ Ministries, we understand that our futures become joined. We also understand that you are not only partnering with us, but us with you. Our successes, failures, pains, and joys are experienced together as we do the work of God.

That is why we here at Iran for Christ Ministries are choosing to make our Partners a priority. A Partner is not just a monthly check and a weekly prayer; they are our co-laborers in Christ.

When it all comes down to it, we are joining together to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We are seeing together that we have the option of being vessels of God or being anything else… And jointly recognizing that only one of those options leads to a life worth living.

Making The Difference

We have all heard people say you have an opportunity to “make a difference”, but we have heard something unique at our ministry. We have heard that our ministry “made THE difference”. That is extra special. When someone writes us and says “I found Jesus because of your ministry” or “I was going to kill myself, but then I turned on the television” or “I heard Pastor Baghestani speak while in the deepest depression of my life and God used him to speak life to me” it never gets old.

When you support us as partners with your prayers, your finances, your faith and your support, you have the opportunity to not only “make A difference” but “make THE difference” in someone’s life.

Our primary focus remains bringing the liberating truth and freedom of relationship with the Heavenly Father to people across the world. Your support helps us pursue every avenue and medium possible in reaching this end.

In addition to the spiritual needs we address, we also support causes and Persian refugees around scattered around the world to bring tangible change to people’s lives through humanitarian efforts.

As our vision grows, so will our impact. And our vision is expanding daily


Join us as a ministry partner and help us preach the Gospel of grace

Nazanin and I are so thankful for your consideration of partnering with Iran for Christ Ministries. We do not take such a covenant relationship lightly. It’s our partners’ commitment and donations that ensure we’re able to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the utmost parts of the Persian world. We are most grateful for our relationship with these pillars, supporters, and friends of the ministry.

Partnership isn’t a one-time event. It’s a growing, thriving commitment where we both share in the benefits promised to us when we come together and spread the cause of Christ and further God’s Kingdom. In partnering with us, you’ll be distinguishing yourself as someone committed to Iran for Christ Ministries and one who shares its vision to save the lost, help the hurting, and spread the Gospel.

Together, I’m sure we can impact the Persian world and accomplish marvelous things to the glory of God. Remember, there is strength and power in partnership, and as this ministry grows, so will you. Again, thank you for considering partnering and sowing into this ministry. Prayerfully, you’ll be able to declare with us…

“It’s not just what we SAY…it’s what we DO.”

In His Service

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